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This website is for my own use, I use it to dump articles that I have found useful, or that I think may be useful in the future.

Some of these articles are written by myself, but others are not. Where I can remember where the original article came from I have given credit and where possible a link back to the original site.

If you find something useful, I am glad to have helped. If you think something is erroneous or can be done a better way, please let me know!



  1. Brian,

    You just helped me tremendously!!

    On Friday, June 12, 2009 11:46 AM, in response to a post about missing volume control (WIN XP) you suggested to wildman 424 that he run sfc /scannow & a 2nd suggestion. Wildman told you he didn’t need to do anything but the scannow & didn’t need to go to the 2nd suggestion.

    Well, neither did I!! I had spent hours & hours doing different things; THANK GOD I FOUND YOUR ANSWER.

    I am very grateful you shared your expert avice.

    Sincerely, Barb

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